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SHOW-MEOur Approach

We render personal and fully customised professional services to entities and organisations in both public and private sector. Our solutions are always tailored and rendered in such a manner that they meet the specific needs of individual clients, regardless of their size and sophistication.

Rated by our respective clients, our solutions have proved to improve efficiency and viability of the organizations that we have served. We offer and specialise in the following line of services:

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Accounting Services

We offer both management and financial accounting services to a variety of organisations. Our management accounting specialism is aimed at adding value in decision making-making process of our clients. This includes, amongst others, compiling annual budgets and mid-term budget reviews, reconciliation and maintenance of management accounts, etc.
Our financial accounting services are aimed at adding value to a number of stakeholders to our client businesses through accurate financial reporting in accordance with recognised accounting standards and framework. This includes developing accounting policies in line with accounting standards, setting or reconciling of charts of accounts between budgets and financial statements, compiling annual financial statements, etc.

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Taxation Services

We offer a wide range of taxation services, these ranges from tax planning, to preparation and filing of returns, tax reviews and reconciliations to handling and management of tax audits with SARS on behalf of our clients.

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Pre-Audits & Review Services

Our pre-audit and review services are mainly non-statutory in nature. Our audit and review services are however, aimed at early detection of irregularities and deficiencies in any area of interest, with an objective to create an opportunity for regularising irregularities prior to the commencement of statutory audits. In institutions where we have rendered these services, there has been a significant improvement in statutory audit results (e.g Reports of the Auditor-General).

Our audit and review services range from financial to non-financial related processes and systems and takes into account applicable legislation and regulation.

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Advisory Services

We offer professional management consultancy services which are aimed at advising and assisting organizations to achieve their desired goals and objectives through improved planning, efficient utilization of resources, and compliance with legislation, organizational policies and procedure.

Our consulting services are mainly focused in, but not limited to the following strategic areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Performance Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Resources Management
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Audits
  • Internal controls design
  • Turnaround strategies
  • Corporate Governance

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Other Services

We also offer a variety of other business support services as follows:

Private sector:

  • Registration of Private Companies,
  • Annual company returns with CIPC
  • Restoration of deregistered companies,
  • BBEEE certification agency
  • Business Profiles
  • Business Plans
  • Payroll Services (including provision of professional pay sheets)
  • Annual Reports
  • Public Interest Score Reports (in terms of the Companies Act, 2008)

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Public Sector:

In the case of the public sector, other services that we offer include:

  • Preparation of Annual Reports,
  • Mid-Term Assessment Reports,
  • Performance Reports,
  • Registers of Delegations of powers and functions,
  • Procedure Manuals,
  • Review and development of policies
  • Development and review of IDPs
  • Development of SDBIPs
  • Integrated Management Systems (Computer Programes / Software)

In fact, we are able to provide any form of business support services based on the client’s specific needs.

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